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“Helping you find your eternal link.”


Sh’eefa Links is directed by Rabbi and Mrs. Ephraim Frenkel. Our organization employs talented shadchanim who are ready and motivated to work on behalf of all the singles in our database. These shadchanim are truly committed to giving our singles the attention they deserve, and providing any necessary support and guidance during the dating process. Sheefa Links is fortunate to have a large database of singles from around the country; and we are constantly expanding our base as we network in different communities and Yeshivas.

Our Staff

Rabbi Frenkel received his smicha from Rav Tuvia Goldstien zt”l. He is the director of the She’efa Seminary and Sh’eefa Links, Menahel of Kollel Zichron Ephraim Heschel, and founder and director of the Halacha Hotline of the Five Towns and Far Rockaway. He is a reputable shadchan that is sought after for his advice and guidance in helping singles navigate through the dating process. Mrs. Frenkel works together with her husband, is very perceptive, and has a keen understanding of peoples' needs.

Mrs. Miriam Safer and her family live in Cedarhurst. Her compassion, intuitiveness, and longstanding experience in shidduchim are an invaluable combination.

Mrs. Abigail Miller lives with her family in Woodmere. Her kind demeanor and sensitivity are truly remarkable. Her warm and easy-going personality make her a pleasure to work with.

Contact Us:

To join She’efa Links, please email your profile and photo (to be kept confidential) to [email protected] For further information, please call 516 6 SHEEFA.

With Hashem’s help, we hope to share in many future simchas together!